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Sundays are special days. Whether you spend them snoozing, sunning, or socialising, the point is, they belong to you. Here at Lazy Sunday Home, we want to help you capture that special Sunday feel in your own home. All our textiles are designed and hand-printed by our very hardworking founder (don’t worry, she gets a lunch break every Tuesday).


We believe in fresh, simple designs, bright colours and doing the hard work so that you can spend your Sunday doing what comes naturally (lazing)! Come and take a peek. Let us brew you a cup of tea. It may not be possible to pretend that every day is a Sunday, but we’ll get you close.




Remember Tencel, children of the 80s and 90s? That super soft, flowing, breathable fabric that you just couldn’t stop stroking? Lyocell is the base of Tencel, with the added benefit of not being dyed to look like your Uncle Rob’s jeans. Made with all-natural recycled eucalyptus fibres, this material makes for the comfiest bedlinen you’ll ever snuggle into and has the additional advantage of being environmentally friendly (and good-looking to boot)! The eucalyptus fibres repel harmful dust mites and bacteria, so it’s safe for the allergy-prone.  It’s also the most durable, breathable natural cloth around. What’s not to love?


Wicks moisture, making it great for sensitive skin and has up to 50% greater moisture absorption than cotton

Soft and durable

The way lyocell fibers are bound makes for an extremely smooth and a durable fabric which is static free and will not pill

Eco Credentials

Made from the natural cellulose of eucalypt pulp, it is fully biodegradable.  It is made in a way that recovers or decomposes over 90% of solvents and emissions, leading to significantly less water usage than other fabrics. 


Eucalypt fibers and moisture control prevents the growth of bacteria and dust mites naturally




We hope you enjoy your Lazy Sunday and Thanks for visiting,

From all of us at...

The Lazy Sunday Team :)